About us

We are a social service organization serving the poorest of the poor in the villages of Ariyankuppam Commune in Puducherry UT and Kalvarayan hills in Tamil Nadu since 1990, covering nearly 56 sorrounding villages.

Community Seva Centre is involved in a variety of programmes that are centred around women and child development. Our approach is to deliver value for the under-seved population by funnelling government and private programs to beneficiaries.


  • Community organization and awareness promotion
  • Integrated community health and sanitation
  • Primary education, non-formal education and total literacy campaign
  • Skills promotion by vocational training such as tailoring and computer literacy
  • Nutrition and income generation programs
  • Women and child care
  • Finance for micro enterprise for economic development
  • Low cost sanitation program
  • Reproductive child health
  • Street children, orphanage, shelter home & old age home




Social, economical and educational development of backward communities and villages is our main motto.

Community Seva Centre is dedicated to support the weaker sections of the society with a holistic, sustainable and diversified approach.




Community fulfilled with basic needs, health services, education and having the sustainable income.

We focus on child development, youth development, women empowerment and care and support for aged people.