Kalvarayan Hills

Since 2007 Community Seva Centre has been active in the tribal area of Kalvarayan Hills with the objective to promote the holistic development of the tribal communities living there.

We have been working with the local government and international organizations to address the needs of the poorest and most fragile people of these communities: children and elders in particular. 

In this area we run two schools based respectively in Puluvapady and Thailvennyur villages, a Children Home to host children with difficult family conditions, an Integrated Home to accommodate lone elders from the area and we also run some agricultural initiatives. 


To check the details of each initiative please visit the sections below.

Thalvennyur School (Medie)

Seva Nursery and Primary School

This school opened in 2007 to spread love and education through the children in a remote area of the Kalvarayan Hills.

Seva Matriculation School

Since 2013 we offer good education and a series of extra curricular activities to the children, the lessons are mainly conducted in English.

Seva Children Home

Food, clothing, accommodation and good education for the most fragile children in the Kalvarayan Hills.

Integrated Home

We host and take care of the elders in need from the villages around Vellimalai.


The development of a community depends also on its resorces and how it can use them. That's the reason why we also focus on agriculture.