Our support to the elders

Due to the advent of urbanisation, modernisation and several other factors, the joint families have shattered. People are busy with their jobs, and they hardly have any time and interest to look after the older members of the family. Therefore, they leave their parents in old age homes. Also, many insensitive people, abandon their parents and as a result of which various governmental and non-governmental organisations rescue them and admit them to old age homes. Many people, who have no family to take care of, admit themselves to the old age home voluntarily.

An old age home is a shelter house where the people of older age dwell together with other older people when they have been abandoned by their family members or voluntarily admitted to it to combat loneliness during this crucial stage of life. The old-age house staff is in charge of feeding these senior citizens on time and taking care of their medical needs. They help them cope with the routine by cleaning their clothes and utensils and helping them live the last days of their life without isolation. Also, they conduct various recreational activities, to indulge them in and combat boring lifestyles. They entertain them so that they stay happy and peaceful. Also, the house inmates stay together, share their experiences and make good bonds with their friends.

Overall our organization runs the following activities regarding elders:

    • Assisting to avail Government program
    • Old age home (Elder to Elder)
    • Aged Shelf Help Group
    • Income generation program
    • Medical supports / camps