Main activities

    • Relief suport
    • Family consueling
    • Medical support
    • COVID-19 support & education
    • Cyclone support
    • Tsunami relief & support
    • Accidental relief & support

Karaikal tsunami relief work


Community Seva Centre has extended its service to Karaikal region and in some parts of Tamil Nadu. The Community Seva Centre carried out following activities:

  1. COMMUNITY KITCHEN had been established for the victims and more than 1000 people benefited. It was served for two months and entertainment and counseling activities were also done simultaneously.

  2. CHILD CENTERED SPACES had been started in 10 villages. 640 boys and 536 girls were involved in it. The children were taught alphabets, games, story telling, story reading, drawing, grafts etc.

  3. ICDS MATERIALS were given to anganwadi centres. 22 ICDS centres were given with reading and play materials, cupboard, black board etc.

  4. CASH FOR WORK:  Cash for work had been done in 6 villages. 75 to 110 people were involved in work. Per day Rs. 80 had been given to each person. They did tank cleaning, Canal cleaning and village cleaning work.

  5. BOAT, ENGINE AND KATAMARAN REPAIRING: 12 fibre boats, 50 katamaran and 40 engines were repaired to continue their routine work.

  6. LIVELIHOOD PROGRAMME: 150 victims were provided with fishing nets and 10 persons were given 10 push carts for doing business.

2004 Tsunami relief


Our NGO during the disaster provided relief materials and arranged temporary shelters, we also provided training and education to the children.

In the recent tsunami hit, 6000 people were provided with relief materials, for a worth of Rs 1.81 crores. Each victim was given with the following things:

  • 4kg of dhall;
  • 1.5kg of sambar powder;
  • 0.5kg of turmeric powder;
  • 1.5kg of tamarind;
  • 3kg of salt;
  • 2.5l of oil;
  • 1.5kg of tea;
  • 2.5kg of sugar;
  • 3kg of milk powder;
  • blankets;
  • plates;
  • matches;
  • soap and detergent;
  • clothes.

The beneficiaries were from 15 different villages, distributed as follows: 250 people form Pudukuppam, 777 from Nallavadu, 300 from Pannithittu, 278 from Narambai, 310 from Moorthikuppam, 980 from Veerampatinam, 120 from Chinna Veerampatinam, 750 from Vampakeerapalayam, 490 from Vaithikuppam, 410 from Solai Nagar, 225 from Chinna Kalapet, 430 from Periakalapet, 130 from Kanagachetikulam, 300 from Kuruchikuppam and 250 from Pillaichavadi. 

Though the government and non-governmental organizations were involved in the relief work for the tsunami, the elders and the widows were left behind from relief programs. Hence, a total of 365 deserving elders and widows have been selected and provided with relief materials worth of Rs 750 each. To be precise CSC support involved 125 widows, 96 male elders and 144 female elders from the previously mentioned villages.

Fire accident support.

In 2006 five houses were destroyed by fire accidents: 2 houses in Nonankuppam and 3 houses in urban areas. The victims of fire accidents were given 25 kg of rice, all provisions, cloths and aid bag worth of Rs. 3000 each. Medical assistance for five families was given.