Children home:

The main aim of this organization is to relieve the human sufferings of some of the poor, neglected and destitute children below poverty line irrespective of caste, color, creed and religion. This organization is working very hard to provide some children with good education and help these children to reach certain standards in the society. This organization is very committed to prevent child labour and provide them with the basic education.

Preference is being given to orphans, neglected, semi-orphans and to children from broken families. Orphan children are taken care of until they get married. Each and every child is given good education, food and shelter and this organization takes care till they are well settled in their life. 

Apart from giving them free food, clothing, accommodation and good education, we build their character and grow them in such a way, so that they may become good citizens of India.

Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme:

Our organization manages 18 crèches in the villages in the southern area of Pondicherry. Every crèche is runned by a teacher and a caretaker and hosts from 15 to 25 children from 1 to 3 years old. If the parents don’t bring the children, the caretaker or the teacher will visit the home and bring the children to the creche.  

The activities of the crèches start at 9.00AM with a morning prayer song, during the rest of the morning teachers use objects and materials as an easy method of learning like teaching stories and song through action. Each crèche has been provided with toys, games and sufficient materials to play and to enjoy. 

The children are provided with nutritional food cooked by the caretaker and fed in time. Each and every month the stocks of groceries will be monitored and stocked up. After the lunch the children are given a time to sleep and relax themselves. This allows the children to be healthy and have body relaxation. Around 3.00PM the parents come to the creche and take their children to the home. 

There is a regular medical checkup for the children in the creche. A report about the health aspects of the children will be submitted to the concern.